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february 16 2012

First post in a long time... here's a mix of some stuff that I like.

Get it HERE

1 Funeral Beat - Peggy Sue
2 I Never Woke Up - Snailhouse
3 FFunny FFrends - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
4 At The Break Of Dawn - Young Rival
5 End of Story - Urge Overkill
6 Is And Is And Is - White Denim
7 Witness - Richard Buckner
8 A New Soul's Benediction - Picastro + Nadja
9 Medicine - Tindersticks
10 Shadow, Follow Me - Centro-Matic
11 Puts Me To Work - Cate Le Bon
12 Missed - Ben Allison
13 Another Shore - Yann Tiersen
14 Twice (We Survive) - dEUS
15 Cinder alley (Secret south demo version) - Sixteen Horsepower

Everywhere you go, kids wanna rock.

Yeah, I'll get my shit together and get things up and running soon enough... had several failed attempts with file hosting and looking for something that works better but will likely just go with mixes of some sort.

In the meantime I thought I should share the story of a dreamer... a young man with aspirations to make it as a rock star... aspirations I never had. I just wanted to play and make something I could listen to without cringing, this guy wants to change the face of music and create a "new style". Well, in this day and age where it seems that everything is derivitive of something else, an hommage, a mash up or maybe just ripped off; this man and his band will create something new. How can you do this? Well his plan includes the frequent use of falsetto, a drummer that plays good beats on time and for people who don't think the bassist is important? Well, he's gonna make them think twice.

HERE is the kijiji ad from a 17 year old in New Brunswick who will work harder than anyone to make his dream come true.

Now, I in no way think he'll "make it", maybe he won't even get to the point of having a somewhat decent band that has more than a few local fans but I do hope this comes together for him in some way cause it'll be a hell of a learning experience. I mean, can you imagine getting 5 guys together in a house, fresh out of high school, without jobs and having them actually focus on making music and becoming this great new band? More likely they'll realize the drummer is a screw up (law of averages says it's the drummer), the singer thinks he's the star or maybe they'll just get sick of each other in a good old fashioned roommate kind of way. Either way, when this dream comes down they'll either give it up or get stronger (mroe delusional?) from it.

They should know that the bar has been set pretty high:

another year, another planet

Where did that last month go? I'm not saying it was an alcohol induced black-out but time went by really fast and there were many "festive" occasions leading up to and out of the holiday season. Now I'm back to a regular schedule of socializing/FUNctional alcoholism/concert going/brunch eating/divorce finalizing/adventuring...
2011 is already looking good for shows... Obits, Radio Dept, Twilight Singers, Yann Tiersen, Mike Watt, Hauschka and a bunch more are on the horizon.

Before I look too far ahead here's a quick look back at some stuff in no particular order that stuck with me from 2010... I'm sure I missed some.

Grinderman - Worm Tamer
Frank Black - When I Go Down On You
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Come Undone
Weinland - Sunken Eyes
OFF! - Upside Down
Tobacco - Sweatmother
Kings Go Forth - One Day
My Jerusalem - Poison the Truth
Wendall Davis - Gravity' s Weak
Besnard Lakes - Albatross
The Phantom Band - Walls
Wild Nothing - Live In Dreams
Land Of Talk - Blangee Blee
Get Well Soon - We Are Ghosts
Breathe Owl Breathe - Own Stunts
South San Gabriel - All Night Long (Lionel Ritchie never sounded so good)
The Radio Dept. - Never Swallow Fruit (Dub by Pistol Disco)
Hauschka - Children
Stafraenn Hakon - Val Kilmer
Stafraenn Hakon - Hólkur II
Nudge - Two Hands
Lilium - Amsterdam-Paris
Tindersticks - Hubbards Hills

Pixies Live

The Pixies are offering a free download of their 2004 set from Coachella. They'll have some more great goodies to come at their website

so that was summer...

I am a neglectful one when it comes to this blog... I've been doing lots of stuff though. Seen some great shows (Teenage Fanclub, Breathe Owl Breathe, Kiss, Jon Spencer, Autolux), a crap load of movies at the Toronto film festival, went to Hamilton, ate some great things, spent time with great people, wore some leather, biked lots and many things I'm either not at liberty to discuss or just don't feel like making public. But anyways, as usual my intent is to put more stuff up on here... I repeat, my intent.

Well, here are some songs old and new at least

Weinland - Sunken Eyes
Reid Paley - Take What You Want
Neil Diamond - I'll Come Running
Joseph Spence - Brownskin Gal
Karen Dalton - Same Old Man
Mel Dune - Time Hangs Heavy On Your Hands
Standard Fare - Secret Little Sweetheart
The Heathens - Sucker Or A Lover

This is what you miss if you don't go see Breathe Owl Breathe... a snorkling mask. Somehow they make it work.

This is possibly the best video ever (and not safe for work at all unless you have a really great job)